Title Reveal: Throne of Glass 4

The title of the fourth book in the series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas was finally revealed!!! And the title is….


You can read the full details of the title reveal, title explanation, Pre-Order info, and more here. Also you can check out the sypnosis on goodreads.

What do you guys think? I personally love the title! ❤ It’s so cool!! And I seriously cannot wait for the book!!
Opinions? Anyone else love this series?

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Book Depository Experience

To those who doesn’t know Book Depository it is an online bookstore that offers free shipping worldwide. Yup you read that right, they ship worldwide for FREE.

I made my first book depository orders ( i ordered two books ) last December 2013. I was excited and nervous because it was my first time buying online and i don’t know if the book would really arrive. We all know that buying online is risky, but i took the risk anyway.


first book mail from book depository

So the first book arrived two weeks after it was dispatched. But the second one took more than a month or 7-8 weeks probably because there were a lot of deliveries during peak season. If you’re in the Philippines, like in my case, delivery takes longer than usual.

But the wait was worth it and i became a loyal customer since then. I’ve already bought more than 30 books from book depository and they were all delivered straight to my house. Their customer service was also great because one time i had a problem about the delay on one of my order and they immediately responded and sent me a replacement copy.

I’m so happy i found Book Depository and i’m writing this because i want to share with you guys how awesome they are! So if you are thinking of buying from them, you totally should!! Well, who doesn’t want free shipping and getting book mails? :mrgreen:


Some of the packages i received from TBD


My latest book haul from tbd

Comment down if you have questions. I would love to help. ❤

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Penryn and the End of Days by Susan Ee


THESE BOOKS ARE BEYOND AWESOME, well in my opinion. When i first read Angelfall in 2013 i never thought i would love it this much. I just saw it randomly in a book blogger’s recommendation post and i was curious so i bought it without having any expectations. BUT i was blown away by the story and the characters!! So yeah, these books have a special spot in my heart.

On a side note, i just saw the cover of END OF DAYS!!! Aaahhh!! It looks different though because it wasn’t as dark as the first two books. But i still love it anyway. You should check it out if you haven’t seen it yet :mrgreen:

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Hooray for my first blog post!

Hi guys! I finally decided to make a book blog. *happy dance*

I’ve been wanting to make one since 2013 when I started joining book giveaways on twitter. I forgot how I saw that giveaway but I decided to join because who doesn’t want free books and I don’t own any books that time. I just borrow from my friends and read through ebooks, So back to why I started blogging, through joining giveaways I was introduced to book blogging community and I thought, how about I make one so I could blog about my love for books?

And now, hooray to my newborn blog!! I’m glad I came up with a good blog name, it was actually hard thinking of something unique. So yeah, I hope I’ll enjoy blogging as much as I love reading. 🙂

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